Brand new Orangescrum just out of the door w/ ‘Google Material Design’!


Hurray! – The new skinned Orangescrum has just gone Live! We’re proud to present a fresh-look user interface inspired by Google Material Design.

Just made for you, your team and all your stakeholders. It’s flat.. for everyone whichever plan you might have!

What’s In
Re-arranged components beautifully, colors chosen tastefully, did hard work to give Orangescrum a fresh and crisp face lift.

Explore more and never mind dropping us what you think about the new Orangescrum.

Let’s not forget, each of your feedback going to make Orangescrum stealthier!!!

Find Out How Orangescrum Can Support You With Your Projects & Team Collaboration.


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4 thoughts on “Brand new Orangescrum just out of the door w/ ‘Google Material Design’!

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    Amit Anirudha|

    Huge transformation from last design. The New Orangescrum looks good, easy to use, easy to track projects & tasks. Thanks to the Team for the wonderful job.

    1. Avatar
      Orangescrum Support|

      Hi Amit, Thanks for trying out the new UI. Subscribe us to get all the updates delivered right in your inbox.

  2. Avatar

    I really like the new design. Will it be available for the community version, too?

    1. Avatar
      Orangescrum Support|

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your appreciation. Yes, it will be available soon as an add-on for the community version.

      Keep using Orangescrum!

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