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Orange Chat-v3

In a major thrust to simplifying your project communication woes the Orange Chat; our In-App Chat is now available in Orangescrum Marketplace. 

Chat is one thing you don’t have to explain. Type a message, troubleshoot and brainstorm in real-time or get a notification when you receive a reply, and it just conveys. There’s nothing complicated, confusing, or time consuming.

Teams always perform better when communication is made easy and seamless.  

Orange Chat Add-on is here to help you collaborate and solve on the go!


What is In-App Chat Add-on?
  • Create or Save your conversation as task(s)
  • See real-time availability of users
  • Simple & highly interactive UI
  • Auto-add contact of all users from your company
  • Private & Group chat with your team(s)
  • Check the last activity of a user
  • Share a File with any user or team
  • Chat history for audit trail and future reference


In almost any collaborative environment, it’s very important to have helpful tools for communication and with this Chat add-on you can do more in less time.

Communicate faster, manage better with the new in-app chat!

Buy Now!

Have a favorite chat app feature we missed, or a unique way your team is using? We’d love to hear your comments.

See you at our Marketplace!

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