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Your Team Workload Management Tool

An effective process of assigning or distributing work among the team members, monitoring their availability, resource utilization to be delivered within the planned time frame. Helps to maintain a healthy work life balance while working remotely.

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Workload management Software Importance

Task Management

Work management software allows you to plan, track, organize, and review both projects and non-project tasks with the goal of improving your business results and team performance. It manages the entire process to increase the work efficiency and productivity.

  • Plan, monitor, organize, review, and report both project and non-project activities
  • Provides more flexibility to monitor your team and project
  • Reduces cost and maintain a balance between your resources, budgets, and time


  • Reduced Productivity
  • Cause Physical and Mental Stress
  • Cause Burnout
  • Mistake chances are high
  • Poor Work-Life Balance


  • Shows a clear and transparent picture of team assignments
  • Track team members time to make more productive
  • Shows the project progress, issues and share updates
  • Organise, prioritize and collaborate team members tasks
  • Visualize different stages of your project workflow

Workload Management

Get a complete picture of your team's workload in the resource availability calendar. Know who is available, partially or completely booked, overloaded or on a leave at a glance.

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Capacity Planning

Check your team's capacity to not overload or no one sit idle for your projects. Plan your new or future projects looking at the resource's capacity and workload in the calendar.

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Resource Allocation

Create new tasks or reassign or reschedule tasks instantly by looking at the resource availability to optimize your resource allocation. This lets you see all your resources, tasks assigned, estimated hours and time spent at a glance over a period of time.

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