Time Log Chart View Released!

Time Log Chart View
We are delighted to announce the Time log Chart View – yet another new feature. This will help the Project Managers, team members, Stakeholders to view the time spent by the project teams in a monthly as well as daily view.

Chart View provides “quick explain it all” snazzy pie charts.

Chart View -1

Never get confused with complex analytical data! – Better assess resource capabilities & save time while using Orangescrum.

Chart appears in the Time log menu. Click on the Chart View ic_pie_v3 icon to access time log chart analysis of a particular date in any month.

Chart View- 3

“Chart View” is a smart show of the teams’ work with a clear task to time spent mapping. Not the one to be satisfied with graphs, make that click noise and view it all!

Chart View- 7


Note:-Project Owners and admin users can view the time logged for all users and the rest just see theirs!

One of the easiest project collaboration app for you and your teams. Go for a 30-day trial run.

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