Stop being redundant with Recurring Tasks

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We all know that Smart work is the key to productivity plus there is no fun in a work that is monotonous, time & effort intensive, impacts productivity and makes us look dumb!

No matter the industry, they all come with their own productivity dampeners – Repetitive work.

How great it would be to have them tailor-made and automated to make our lives efficient??

With Orangescrum Recurring Task, you can set a task to repeat at a specific time or date if it occurs on a regular basis in a project.

How to create Recurring Task?

When you create a task, there is an option “Repeat” to create a recurring task. You can create it for weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly with number of occurrences, start date & end date.

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Check here how you can create the Recurring Task

Be at ease, the rest will be taken care by Orangescrum for you. 

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Recurring task prevents you from redundant work and improves your team efficiency. Define it once and be at ease.

Check out the Recurring Task Add-on for open source

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