Save time with Project Templates to build new Client Partnerships

As announced last week we are now live with 2 fresh add-ons for you

  • Client Management
  • Project Template

Save productive time and work Smart with one and forge Client Partnerships built on mutual trust, transparency and confidence with the other.

Let us do a quick review of what’s in store!!

Client Management Benefits:

  • Collaborate with your clients effortlessly
  • Make them part of your endeavors and your team
  • Add transparency to your Client relations
  • Gain and Boost Client confidence and trust

What Orangescrum users expect in Client Management Add-on?

  • It’s specifically built to enable better client engagement and collaboration for your business.
  • Our digital lives call for absolute clarity and lack of information usually leads to dissatisfaction and unwanted perception issues.
  • The Client Management add-on lets you define the following permissions for your clients via simple Yes/No configurable boxes in the Company Settings menu.

Client 1

client 3


  • A Client can’t create a Project, but can view projects he is part of.
  • A Client can’t create a New User or Add an User
  • A Client can’t create a New Task but can view the Task
  • A Client can reply to a task, but can’t edit the task details
  • A Client can’t create a new milestone, but can view it.

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Project Template Add-on

Project Templates are built to help you define logical sequences of tasks for your projects. Thus you work smart, build intelli-plans for your projects, increase your efficiency and save yourself from huge time and effort slippages.

It saves you from repetitive, monotonous, time and effort intensive work!

And the obvious benefit – A less Grumpier you ?

Define templates once and reuse them as many times you want thereby increasing your team’s productivity so that they focus on real, high output generating tasks.

The Project Template lets you Edit, Delete and customize it to your project needs. You can create a new project or convert a project template into a project within Orangescrum.

Project Template 1

Project Template Takeaways-

  • Create Project Templates
  • Add tasks to Templates
  • Create Template from Task Listing Page
  • Manage your Tasks in Project Template
  • Manage Project Templates
  • Define logical workflow for your project

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