Product Update: Wiki for Your Projects & Teams, Unlimited Plan and PDF Reports

Wiki for Your Projects Teams Unlimited Plan and PDF Reports

Hello OrangeScrumers! We’re here with our latest product update.

Last month we’ve released a couple of new and exciting features for our SaaS users. Let’s have a quick glance at those updates below.

  1. OrangeScrum Unlimited Pricing Plan
  2. Time Log Reports in PDF
  3. 24 Hour Time Format
  4. New feature: Wiki

OrangeScrum Unlimited Pricing Plan:

For a limited time period, we have launched a special offer for all of our SaaS users. Now you can invite unlimited users to OrangeScrum at only $99/month (when you pay annually). There are no user limits, no project limits neither there any task limit.

Unlimited Users

Click to know more

Time Log Reports in PDF

Adding to 24 hour format, you can now generate time log pdf report from the time log list view. Click on the PDF icon to export and select the items/columns to be added in the PDF.

Time Log PDF Report

Time Log Report in PDF

24-Hour Format

Now SaaS users can change their time format to 24 hours. You can navigate to Settings>>My Profile>>Time Format>>24 Hour Format>>Update.

Create Task in 24 Hour Format

Once you update your profile, you can log time, create a task with the 24-hour format.

Create Task in 24 Hour Format

Time Log Entrey in 24 hour Format

Wiki Feature

When you hear the word “wiki” you most likely think immediately about the most popular encyclopedia “Wikipedia”. But that’s not what we are referring here. Then what is a Wiki?

The term “wiki” means “quick” in Hawaiian. As per the father of the modern wiki, Ward Cunningham, it means “a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users”.

So most of the organizations use wiki for different purposes from creating training documents to knowledge base of their product(s) and or service(s). It allows for collaborating edit by a group of users like Wikipedia.

In short, the wiki is for composing, discussing, hyperlinking, collaborating & communicating.

Orangescrum Project wiki

Usage of Wiki:

  • Create an office memo so everyone can access and update
  • Create a large and complex catalog of products which can be easily editable, searchable and linked to different product items.
  • Create your sales knowledge base with sales tips and tricks
  • Create a wiki for business or employee training with business policies, best practices, standards, and guidelines

As you know the benefits of Wiki, let me share how you can create your own Wiki in OrangeScrum.

How to create a Wiki in OrangeScrum?

In OrangeScrum, you can create a project and non-project wikis.

  • Click on ‘Wiki’ from the left panel.
  • Click on ‘New wiki’
  • Add Wiki title, Wiki description, Category, and Sub-category, Choose the project under which wiki is going to be listed (or if you left this as it is, then it will be your non-project wiki) and attach the required file.
  • You can also select ‘Is Parent’ box to indicate the wiki as a parent wiki or select a parent wiki to link the new wiki as a Child wiki.
  • Once all details are added, you need to choose the name of approver who is going to approve the wiki.
  • Once all details are provided, click on ‘Final Submit for Approval’.

Project Wiki

Learn more about Wiki here

Coming Soon

OrangeScrum soon releasing the Sprint Planning & Product Backlog feature where you can select your desired project methodology. We will keep you posted more on this as soon as we release the feature.

Sprint Planning

Over to you:

Creating a wiki is a great way to keep your employees up to date with your company procedures, rules, guidelines, product update, sales planning etc.

The collaborative nature can bring the team together, and reduce your on-boarding & training time.

Hop on to your account and try the latest offerings with your projects and global teams.

Click here to sign up now with our unlimited plan.

Do share your thoughts and experience with our product updates.

We’ll share the next update soon, till then bye

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