No downloads. No installation. Yet you can accomplish your Task.

When we decided to put up a team to develop Orangescrum, we decided to make it a remove_taskweb based from the very beginning. The reason was obvious; you don’t need to download and install the app to your desktop/laptop restricting yourself to use it there only.
It is simple to run Orangescrum in a browser wherever you want. anywhere you want. With an intuitive interfaces, easy-to-use functionality, you organize your project activities to a great extent.
Orangescrum offer a perfect collaboration where all the stakeholders of a project seem to be sitting next to each other.

Here are some key features of Orangescrum:

  • Create/Assign/Track Tasks
  • Project & Team Collaboration
  • Easy File sharing using Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Get conversations under single thread
  • Faster communication with Email Notification
  • Create & Track Milestones
  • Respond via email/mobile
  • Observe activities on a single page
  • Can be used as a Bug/Issue Tracker/Ticketing system

What kind of management you can do using Orangescrum?

Project Management

  • Acts as a great project collaboration tool for project of any size.

File Management

  • Serves as an online server for project related files with appropriate authorizations to respective developers. Also acts as the best file archiving system for your projects.

User Management

  • Allows the admins to manage the users of their company.

Reports Management

  • Facilitates generating various reports on demand

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