Guide to Managing Tasks with Orangescrum

Guide to Managing Tasks

Task Management enables simplifying project execution and timely delivery. Project managers breakdown projects into meaningful tasks and subtasks that can be assigned across the team for seamless execution.

The breakdown of tasks is crucial to ensuring all important activities are accounted for and tracked. Tasks act as the building blocks shaping up the overall project vision and achieving the agreed goals.

Task management also proves helpful in ensuring skill based assignment, transparent progress tracking and end to end collaboration among your remote teams.

The infographic will give you a quick overview of how you can create, manage and execute tasks within Orangescrum.

Guide to Managing Tasks With Orangescrum



Orangescrum task management keeps your team synchronized and ensures greater control over your projects. Visualizing the project schedule, tracking task progress, monitoring team performance can all be done from one centralized collaborative platform.

Moreover, task inter-dependencies are clear, teams see the value of their contribution in real time and also how their work impacts the overall project.

This leads to greater project engagement & motivation to deliver with quality.

Whether you prefer to work from a to-do list, a swim lane based Kanban board or a more visual roadmap view; Orangescrum gives you the freedom of choice.

Get going to strengthen your task management practices and transparent progress monitoring with Orangescrum. Start today!

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