Daily Team Updates Made Simpler – Is Crucial To Your Business

Today, Orangescrum rolled out ‘Daily Update Alert’ feature, which allows a team lead  to schedule automatic emails to be sent to the team reminding them about work status updates. It brings better visibility to the Project by keeping informed of what has been completed so far and what are yet to be done till the end of day.
We understand that daily work status is essential for managers to give right direction to project development. Hence, we came up with this feature to fix the conventional way of sending work updates without fail. With simplicity at it best, the work status can be sent by just replying to the email, no need to login to Orangescrum.

Here’s how it works

  • Admin can schedule a Time to send the Daily Update Alert to the desired members as shown here.
  • Orangescrum automatically sends email alerts to those  members at the time scheduled.
  • This reminder can also be configured for multiple projects, with time-zone and #of working days per week.
  • Finally, the users are required to send their work updates simply by replying to this email.

The first email reply will create a new task. Then the updates from rest of the members will remain as multiple threads to a that task. This makes the managers job easy to track down the progress.

Steps to configure Daily Update Alert

  • Go to ‘Projects’ menu, select ‘Manage’ and click ‘Daily Update’
  • In the ‘Daily Update Alert’ pop up, select your project from the drop down
  • Select ‘Users’, set ‘Alert Time’, ‘Timezone’, ‘Days’ and click ‘Save’ as desired.

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