Conquer the Biggest Challenges of Project Management in IT

Conquer the Biggest Challenges of Project Management in IT

Managing a project in IT is way more complex than it seems. The more you go deep into it, the complex it gets. From hardware & software development to networks & data management.

Hence, unlike the Project Managers of other fields… IT Project Managers face a lot of challenges that are unique to their domain. And interestingly, majority of those challenges are non-technical, but managerial.

Let’s talk about a few of those:


With IT projects, there are usually so many parties involved, From partners, to clients, to employees & vendors (if any).

When everyone acts like a shareholder, it’s important to manage everyone’s expectations & communicating well. It’s no mean task, but being transparent & open to ideas can help you go a long way.

Technological Advancement

There’s one thing we all have to agree to is that, technology advances much faster than any of our projects. And often, we come across some new technology which we feel will make our task easier.

However, the challenge here is to ensure the new change doesn’t create any risk to your company. More importantly your data & your customers’ data should remain safe at any cost.

Time & Resource Management

This has to be the most common challenge that modern day managers are facing now a days. Resources want more freedom now, with challenging work, friendly culture & what not.

Hence, keeping the team satisfied & motivated along with getting the work done on time… is the biggest challenge.

How to Beat those Challenges?

Here are a few approaches you can take, to make your project management easier.

Manage Expectations

There’s a difference between being a shareholder & stakeholder. You should treat everyone as a stakeholder of a project & bring them all to the same page by communicating openly.

It’s always a manager’s job to take care of everyone in his team & manage their expectations. Creating a proper well-defined communication plan is a good way to start here.

Flexible Approach

In order to manage the IT projects with changing technology, needs & end goals… you always have to be on your toes.

Use of agile & scrum methodologies is a tried & successful approach to take, enabling the IT teams to pivot quickly & address changing customer needs while executing.

Risk Management

IT projects are usually exposed to a bunch of risks on the web, from bug attacks to safety breaches & data leaks.

This makes it very important for you to perform frequent risk assessments & also prepare a response plan. There should always be adequate support in place, to escalate issues on time.

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