Community Edition: Most recent add-ons released


Hey There!! We are here with a quick rundown of our most recent productivity add-ons that save you from –

  • Juggling between multiple tools
  • Wasting time and efforts from repetitive, monotonous manual work
  • Losing customer confidence
  • Lack of clarity around your payables for your extended teams
  • Being immobile in this fast paced app world
  • And many more…

Let’s see How?

  • Timelog with Payment Add-on
  • Mobile API Add-on
  • Client Management Add-on
  • Project Template Add-on

As you are now in the Orangescrum ecosystem you will adopt to the new functionalities of the entrants seamlessly. Let’s get the details…

Timelog with Payment Add-on:

A Payment module has been integrated along with the Time Log add-on so that you can effortlessly keep track of your payables along with your team’s time.

Time Log Payment 4

Time Log with Payment takeaways

  • Absolute control over your extended teams’ time spend and utilization
  • Total clarity on billable and non-billable time
  • Easily track, manage and plan your extended teams’ work
  • Accurate Payables management for crisp budgeting

Forge lasting business associations with your Clients, Freelancers, third party Vendors transparently. 

Buy Time Log with Payment Add-on!

Mobile API Add-on:

It lets you generate the API access code to login to the Orangescrum mobile app (iOS and Android).

Task Listing view

What is Mobile API Add-on?

You first need to download and setup the Orangescrum Community Open Source edition. Post setup, go to Settings >Company Settings>My Company> to generate an API Access Code.

You can use the mobile app once you have your URL and API Access Code generated by your Owner or Admin.

Buy Mobile API Add-on!

Client Management Add-on:

Client Management Add-on helps involve customers at the center of your business making them an integral part of your product development, event planning, marketing campaign or your sales strategy.

Client 1

You bring transparency to what you do for them and receive helpful timely insights to make you and your business a success. Build confidence and gain trust.

View More what a client user can & can’t!

Add Transparency to your Business with Client-management! 

Buy Client Management Add-on!

Project Template Add-on:

Define templates once and reuse them as many times you want thereby increasing your team’s productivity so that they focus on real, high output generating tasks.

It saves you from repetitive, monotonous, time and effort intensive work!

The Project Template lets you Edit, Delete and customize it to your project needs. You can create a new project or convert a project template into a project within Orangescrum.

You save on cost, productive time and resources, deliver fast and easy. 

Buy Project Template Add-on!

You and your team can now manage complex projects and exercise full control over your workspace with Orangescrum add-ons.

Download Orangescrum Source Code




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