Auto Track Time for Effective Project Management (Infographic)

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Conscious and accurate time & resource management are critical success factors to sustain and excel in this ever competitive age. It is always a race between time and productivity.

Time tracking doesn’t exactly find a place in the “To-Do” list of our teams. Rightfully so as they have to go through the time-consuming, mundane and often confusing paper-work to record their activities on the project. They would rather just do the work than perform administrative tasks

Repeated Instructions only yield in resentment and accurate time reports never come to the decision maker for review and process improvisation.

To overcome the erroneous old manual time reviewing process, Orangescrum renders full proof, automated and effective Time Tracking time for your team on the go.

The below Infographic explains/summarizes it all about the Time Log feature of Orangescrum.

time log infographic 2016


You can get this feature in cloud (SaaS) or open source (community)  edition of Orangescrum.

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