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Be an Orangescrum Affiliate and Start Earning Effortlessly

Be an Orangescrum Affiliate and Start Earning Effortlessly

Earn money by referring Orangescrum to your clients or website visitors.

Customers whom you refer will get an elegant way to manage projects, team and tasks at one place.

How does it works?

  1. We provide links & banners those you can use on your website, blog, email newsletter or any social network.
  2. Customer comes to Orangescrum through your platform and signs up for any paid subscription plan.
  3. Earn upto 100% of the first payment of customer and then 10% on each monthly payment.
  4. User friendly dashboard for the affiliates to see their signed up customers and earnings.
  5. Orangescrum will pay you the amount quarterly through PayPal, when your earning exceeds 100 USD.
  6. You will get paid for first 12 months.
  7. In order to get paid, just click on request payment on your affiliate account. When you have a balance of over $100, you can request payment just by clicking the button.

It's FREE: It will not cost you a single penny to become an Orangescrum Affiliate.

Start earning your commission today.

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How much you can Earn?

  • Get 100% of the first payment of customer for a monthly subscription. (once customer's 30 days FREE trial is over)
  • Earn 10% on each monthly payment by the customer for the monthly subscription.
  • If a customer signs up for a yearly plan, get 20% of the yearly payment at a time.
  • 90 days window: Even your referred customer does not signup right away, we will pay you the commission when the same customer subscribe directly to Orangescrum within 90 days.
  • The calculation is quite simple, first month you get 100% i.e. $49. Rest of the 11 months you will earn 10%. In a year you will be getting 20% of the revenue.
  • Simple calculation:
    First month you get 100% i.e. $49
    Rest of the 11 months you get 10% i.e. $58.80
    In a year you will get 20% of the revenue

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End User Benefits

Orangescrum is a leading project collaboration tool getting popular among small and medium businesses. Orangescrum has a growing user base of thousands of registered users. It is designed to deal with real-time concerns.

Write us your questions, we're eager to answer you.

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